XoMoX has a passion

for bringing new life to existing brands & launching new ones.

We’re all about helping you identify your brand, defining what it means to the right audiences and then reaching those audiences through the right mix of media and marketing channels.

Raise the Bar

What’s in a Brand?

A “brand” only exists when customers say that it is so.  So the use of the term “brand” or “branding” as a verb, as a way of thinking about the efforts of a marketing department or agency, isn’t correct in our opinion. A brand isn’t something created overnight.  It’s developed through a series of key steps in defining the brand through strategy.

Whether your business is big or small, you may have a wide range of brand assets already. Do you have a logo? Personality? Product? Reputation? Accolades? All of these are assets of your brand that need to be properly organized and leveraged to improve marketing performance.

Developing a Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy isn’t a one-time thing. It isn’t delivered by an agency or turned in by the team. Your strategy is created based on a solid understanding of your market, target audiences and points of differentiation. Then, your message is constructed, delivered creatively and effectively with the goals in mind.

Your brand comes to life in implementation of the tactical phases of creative elements; logo design, campaign development, tag lines and more. The best executions are based on the strongest foundation of who you are, what you mean to your target audiences and how we can shape that brand creatively through proper messaging and placement.

How We Operate

First we examine your business, your brand, it’s identity, your competitors and your customers culture and trends. We then formulate and craft strategies and designs that separate you from your competitors and better cater to your customers.

We then provide the goods to ultimately raise your brand, services and image to a level and dimension likely never imagined by you or your previous service providers.