Break Free

from the mediocrity of the Status-Quo, Establishment Thinking & Business as Usual. Because for us…


XoMoX is your “codev partner” in Creativity and Brand Development.

Who We Are

We are a family-owned & operated creative agency with operational bases in New York & Shanghai (上海).

We're Creative - Innovative solution providers with an exquisite attention to details. We’re also highly Objective & “Straight Shooters” acting as “Tuff Question Consultants” focused on the HOWs & WHYs rather that the whats.

How We Operate

First we examine your business, your brand, it’s identity, your competitors and your customers culture and trends. We then formulate and craft strategies and designs that separate you from your competitors and better cater to your customers.

We then provide the goods to ultimately raise your brand, services and image to a level and dimension likely never imagined by you or your previous service providers.

Core Services

Why Us

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